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Little Hollywood in the 1950�s

Little Hollywood subdivision was originally platted by P.D. Conner in 1949 and consisted of 30 lots along the St. Sebastian River.  In 1953, the first addition was made, adding all of the land west of Riverview to the railroad and north to Lakeview Drive.  Margaret and Bruce Harlan bought the remaining lots from the Conners in 1954.  There were less than a dozen homes in Little Hollywood at that time.  The Harlans eventually sold their land interests to Ken Atha who arranged for zoning regulations for this community and became one of the first realtors between Vero and Melbourne.  The Harlans and the Athas  both had houses built by a neighbor, W.R. Albright on Riverview Drive.  The back of these houses bordered the canal that formed the River Oak Lane �island�.  Margaret Harlan said they all had such a good time in Little Hollywood in those early days.  There were so few residents and everyone was friendly and helpful.

A group of residents met at the home of Captain and Mrs. Leander Jeffrey on Friday, February 13, 1953, to form an association for the betterment of the area.  The name chosen was �The Little Hollywood Improvement Association�.  Dues were set at $1.00 per person per year.  By the second meeting there was $14.00 in the treasury.  The big project that first year was to plant 100 Coco Plumosa trees in Little Hollywood.  Mr. P.D. Conner told the Association that he had given the pond and riverfront property, free of taxes, and hoped that in the future a dock, playground or clubhouse could be built.  The Warranty Deed and Fee Simple Deed transferring ownership of �Conner Park� and the �Pond Park� were signed by the Conners and the Trustees of the now incorporated Little Hollywood Improvement Association on December 14, 1955.  �Conner Park� is known to us all as �the Little Hollywood Marina� where we still enjoy many community events.  

The Micco Fire Department had its beginning in Little Hollywood at the Harlan house.  Bruce McMann and Jim Bricker ( both 15 years old at the time ) urged their fathers to start a fire department.  They were too young to do it themselves.  The county commissioner and the district Fire Chief plus 34 others attended that first meeting.  Bruce McMann Senior accepted the position as the first Fire Chief of Micco.

These excerpts are from the book about our community, �LITTLE HOLLYWOOD� compiled by Barbara Maltby in 1992.