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Gators in Little Hollywood

We posted some alligator warning signs this week around our LHIA pond. We have had a few issues in the last year with our gators and have had reports of people feeding them at the pond. The signs inform and remind people that there can be dangerous gators in the pond and they are not to be fed.

Our little pond in the neighborhood is frequented by alligators. They seem to come and go, and range in size from little cute guys to some big scary ones. They are native critters to Florida and seldom cause a problem, but problems can arise. They are wild animals and keen predators and should be respected as such. If a gator becomes a problem, contact LHIA immediately and we will have the gator removed using the nuisance gator program managed by the state of Florida.

Problems arise when us humans feed the alligators. Feeding causes the gator to loose it's fear of humans. They now associate humans with food and the gators will approach humans rather than hide. The gator now becomes a nuisance alligator. When this happens the alligator must be trapped and killed. This is why it is against the law in Florida to feed gators. Please don't feed our gators in the pond!

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