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Community Work Days

A couple times a year we invite member volunteers to come out and help do some maintenance chores on our LHIA properties. For me it's like a throw back to the days when people got together and helped their neighbors on big jobs. It's one of the main things I like about our neighborhood and it brings all those who participate closer together. Today we had a great turnout of about 20 members and we got a lot of important chores done. The main task was the refurbishment of our dock pilings. We are wrapping them with plastic sleeves and filling them with concrete. This prevents them from being eaten by aquatic worms and strengthens those pilings that are partially damaged. Thanks to Vic and his crew: Dennis, Tommy, Duane, Russ, JerryW, JimR, Ken and Mikey. They worked hard and got about 7 pilings completed. The weakest pilings got fixed first and look good and strong now. Conroy Plumbing came through big time for the community by supplying the jet pump that had to be rigged the week prior. Special thanks to Vic for his vision, research and leadership on this critical effort. We hope to finish phase 1 tomorrow. Other phases will be done in the next year or so.

We also trimmed our mangroves per DEP specifications. This is a tough chore, but it's worth it. It makes our view of the water and dock so much nicer! Thanks Johnathan, Tommy and Mikey. Great job.

Jim Halas of Halco contracting did a great job inside the shed. He built some serious overhead shelves and a small workbench. This is a great improvement and makes the building much more useful. Thanks for the Corian counter top Dave. It makes one fancy workbench! We also installed some blinds and sun shades for the picnic area. Nice job Mike, Jim and Mick.

We also did lots of much needed pruning around the Pond. JerryB, Mike, Mick, Jeanne, Dave and Kirk did a great job and hauled away many truckloads of yard waste. Jeanne and Kirk are new members that are building a new home on Pine street. So glad to have these nice folks in the neighborhood!

Special thanks to Mikey who is our adopted member from Maine. He said he was standing in for the McManns. Well those are some big shoes to fill bud, and you did them proud.

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